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The Holy Family: Image of the Love of God

January 2, 2007

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On the first day of the new year, I wanted to thank all of my friends and readers for the fellowship and fun of the past year, and to share with you this Angelus message of the Pope on the Holy Family. May we all re-dedicate ourselves, especially those of us with children, to our vocations as members of families. May we focus especially this year on the good that we have around us, and the good that we can do around us. I was reminded by this talk of John Paul II’s calling marriage “the school of love” — and I know how true that has been for me.

Sometimes students or friends ask me what, given the irrationalism, relativism, hedonism, and nihilism that seems so prevalent nowadays, the future can possibly hold. My first response is that these moral and intellectual maladies have always been with us! My second is that history in the final and most meaningful sense is always personal. Forces, currents, classes, nations, economies, technologies, blah, blah, blah, are only so many abstractions and categories that tend to obscure the only actual agents in history: individual persons. It is ultimately on that level, the personal, that we live and act and affect others, and on that level that we are responsible for our own fate. So in one very important sense, what is going on in the rest of the world really should be of no concern to us. But as human beings even our individual fate is inseperable from other persons around us: those who teach and give us the examples from which we learn how to live, and those to whom we can and must do good in order to live as fully human and happy persons. Our duties to do good, what we need to do to be happy, do extend outwards to infinity, I suppose, but what I am reminded of by the Pope’s talk yesterday is how important it is to remember that “Charity begins at home”!

On the Holy Family
“Living Image of the Love of God”

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2007 ( Here is a translation of the address Benedict XVI delivered Sunday, the feast of the Holy Family, before reciting the midday Angelus with several thousand people gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

* * *

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

On this last Sunday of the year we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth. I joyfully greet all families worldwide, wishing them the peace and love that Jesus has given us, coming among us at Christmas.

In the Gospel we do not find speeches on the family but an event that is worth more than any word: God willed to be born and to grow up in a human family. In this way, he has consecrated the family as the first and ordinary way of his encounter with humanity.

During his life in Nazareth, Jesus honored the Virgin Mary and righteous Joseph, being subject to their authority during the whole time of his infancy and adolescence (Luke 2:51-52). In this way, he made evident the primary value of the family in the education of a person. Jesus was introduced to the religious community by Mary and Joseph, frequenting the synagogue of Nazareth.

With them he learned how to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, as narrated in the Gospel passage that the liturgy of the day proposes for our meditation. When he was 12 years old, he stayed behind in the temple, and his parents took three days to find him. With that gesture, he led them to understand that he had to “attend to his Father’s business,” that is, to the mission that God had entrusted to him (Luke 2:41-52).

This Gospel episode reveals the most authentic and profound vocation of the family: that of supporting each one of its members on the path of discovery of God and of the plan he has ordained for them. Mary and Joseph educated Jesus above all by their example: From his parents, he learned all the beauty of the faith, of the love of God and of his law, as well as the exigencies of justice, which finds its fulfillment in love (Romans 13:10).

From them he learned first of all that one must do God’s will, and that the spiritual bond is worth more than that of blood. The Holy Family is truly the “prototype” of every Christian family that, united in the sacrament of marriage and nourished by the Word and the Eucharist, is called to carry out the marvelous vocation and mission of being a living cell not only of society but of the Church, sign and instrument of unity for the whole human race.

Let us now invoke together the protection of Mary Most Holy and of St. Joseph for every family, especially for those in difficulty. May they be supported so that they will be able to resist the disintegrating impulses of a certain contemporary culture which undermines the very basis of the family institution. May they may help Christian families throughout the world to be the living image of the love of God.

[Translation by ZENIT]

[At the end of the Angelus, the Pope greeted pilgrims in several languages. In English, he said:]

On this joyful feast of the Holy Family I am happy to welcome all the English-speaking pilgrims present for today’s Angelus. In the Holy Family of Nazareth we are given the true model of a Christian home.

Let us resolve to make our own homes radiate with Christ’s loving harmony and peace. Our hearts also turn today to all those for whom family life is marred by sadness, tragedy, or violence.

May they be uplifted by the hope which Jesus brings to each one of us. Upon all of you and your loved ones I invoke God’s abundant blessings of joy and peace!

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The Loma Lynda Grinch

December 11, 2006

 Of course you’ve all heard about the Homeowner Association President that threatened fines against a couple that had a “Peace sign wreath”hung on their house. Well thanks to thousands of Whos on Whoville, he dropped the matter.

Here’s a Tribute to Him…… in a familiar ditty……via An Angry Bleeding Heart’s Diary


The Peace Wreath

 Every Loma at Lindaville liked Peace a lot

 But the Grinch and his Cronies certainly DID NOT!

 This Grinch hated Peace!

 The whole Peacetime season!

 Now please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason!

 It could be perhaps he just liked to fight, or

 Maybe his head was screwed on to the Right.

 But we think the most likely reason of all

 May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

 No matter the reason.

 His heart or his head,

 He felt really bad, and troubled instead.

 The more the Grinch dwelled on the Peace Sign thing

 the more he ached to stop the whole thing!

 “I must stop this Peace Wreath from being,…but how!

 “I know what I’ll do, I won’t stand this abuse”

 He thunked to himself “All I need’s an excuse”


 He looked for an excuse to take the Wreath down.

 But, since excuses are scarce there were none to be found.

 Did that stop this ol’ Grinch…?

 NO! The Grinch simply said

 “If I can’t find an excuse I’ll make one instead!”

 He did better than that, he made a Big List,

 and Right here they are, and some we have missed.

 The Wreath may offend, or it might not be nice,

 it might be for Pagans, who drink wine with ice!

 Maybe it’s code, all secret and sneaky,

 Maybe these Loma’s are just being cheeky!

 Then he fired his cronies (who weren’t so uptight),

 They said it’s not bad, but the Lights kept him up nights!

 He puzzled and twisted and puzzled some more,

 He listed excuses, till his Puzzler was sore.

 Then finally his Puzzler hit on the Thing!

 Maybe really this Wreath’s not such a bad Zing!

 Maybe Peace to the World isn’t so bad,

 Maybe Peace to the World, shouldn’t make him so Mad!

 Imagine; a world where folks spoke up for Peace!

 Like Lisa, the Loma, with her Peace Wreath!

 And what happened then…?

 In Lindaville they say

 That the Grinch’s small heart

 Grew three sizes that day!


 And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight

 He could answer his phone and not hide all the night!

 He stopped all his Trickzies, and called off his goons

 …and he hung back the Wreath, by the light of the moon!


 Jim Fuge

 Durango Co.

 Southwest Colorado Peace and Justice Coalition

Is it Merry Christmas….or Merely Correctness?

December 7, 2006

 Today……Christmas continues to take a beating…..


The Award winning Worst politically correct Christmas card of the year.


They can’t even bring themselves to use the word “Holiday”

In a Related story:

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt takes time out of his schedule for some reassurance to a State hammered by the worst winter storm in years ……. it is OK to use the “C” word.

Via Tom’s Blog

“Missouri state government employees should not have to worry about this matter. To ensure that there is no confusion regarding our state policy I am directing that each of you inform all members of your department that they should feel at ease using traditional holiday phrases, including “Merry Christmas” and they should have no fear of official reprisal. I also ask that you inform your staff that the objections of those who are offended by these phrases be given due consideration, but that no state employee will be reprimanded or in any way disciplined for saying “Merry Christmas.”

Course he’s fighting the war from a conference in Florida…….heh

But The Street Profits .com has found a new player in the war. A mistletoe that attacks Christmas trees. Yep, the very symbol we depend on for some “action” has turned……. Oh the humanity!!!


While we at WOWOWOC  are finding a lot of humor and good natured analysis from many on the war Christmas……We occasionally come across a post like this one……we think there is a point being made……we just can’t find it…….



Just in case you were a little unsure


This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
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Only 11, 17, 20, or 21, shopping days left until your chosen holiday assuming you celebrate one which is still completely cool if you don’t!

December 4, 2006

This is a treacherous season for those of us who do not wish to unwittingly cause offense to someone and thus become caught up in the withering crossfire of the “War on Chirstmas.” To help you traverse this cultural battlefield unscathed, we offer the following guidance:

Conversational Tips:

NO: I’ve always considered Jesus, our Lord God in heaven, to be my personal Savior.
YES: I’ve always considered Jesus, the day worker at the 7-11 parking lot, to be my personal gardener.

NO: Have you heard the word?
YES: Have you heard the score?

NO: What did Santa bring you?
YES: What did UPS bring you?

NO: Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” really makes you think about things.
YES: Watching “Mission Impossible III” really makes you think about getting a 56” plasma TV.

NO: What Would Jesus Do?
YES: What Would James Baker Do?


Merry Christmas! Too Christian.
Happy Holidays! Too alliterative.
Happy Winter Solstice! Too Druid.
How about them Colts? Perfect.


Santa and his elves: Too Christmasy.
Santa and his Chinese prison factory workers: To preachy.
Santa and the staff at Hooters: Too sexist.
Santa and the staff at Hooters wearing pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons: Perfect.


Silent Night: Too religious
O Tannenbaum: Too German.
The Hanukkuh Song: Too Happy Gilmore.
Anarchy in the UK: Perfect.


Catholic Church: Too Catholic
Episcopal Church: Too Catholic
Scientology: Too Thetan.
Extra Tip For Your Bartender: Perfect.


Crucifix: Too Republican.
Mkeka and kinara: Too Democratic.
Blank: Too Libertarian.
Beer Events Calendar: Perfect.


Nativity scene. Too Jewish.
Oversized copy of the Bill of Rights. Too ACLU.
Black Christmas tree with skull ornaments: Too Goth.
Two gnomes sitting on a mushroom reading the latest Michael Crichton novel: Perfect.

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Happy Chrisnakah…or is it Chanamas?

December 4, 2006

By Angel Crossposted at: WomanHonorThyself

O gosh do ya hear the naysayers already.. Kvetching (ask yer Jewish friend..heh) and whining…I haven’t even gobbled down the last of my candy corn Halloween candy, haven’t finished mah leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving, thanksgivingey.gif and already the stores are booming Rudolph and Frosty tunes. Oiy. xmassantamean17.gif What is it about all the beauty of the season that some people just can’t stomach eh. To much stuffin thanksgivingk2.gif and candy corn mebbe. Well, just in case you don’t celebrate Christmas..(gasp…yup not everyone does)..can you not wish someone a MerryChristmas anyway? christmassanta3_tn.gif Let’s follow the logic shall we. Next time your’e havin a really bad day…don’t even think about telling someone elso to “have a nice day”!..After all, yours was inescapably ruined right? But, I digress. Anyone rememba what happened last year at this time? jewishchanukahqq.gif Just when it seemed that the much-ballyhooed “War on Christmas” had run its course, the battle seems to have opened up a new front: Hanukkah.

…on December 12, the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to Governor Phil Bredesen urging him to remove a Hanukkah menorah from the state capitol in Nashville. (What?..You don’t rememba that?..shame shame) jewishhanukah.gif And Now, the War on Hanukkah It isn’t even the first time the ACLU has challenged a Hanukkah display. In the late 1980s, the organization challenged a menorah erected outside the Pittsburgh city-county building. The case ultimately reached the Supreme Court, which affirmed the constitutionality of the display.

Ok. Ok. Ok. So maybe its not a full fledged War on Chanukah with all the trimmings (heh) xmas-ani-uddy.gif Can we at least call it a “skirmish”, mini-battle, scuffle, tussle,what? Whether they’re gunning for Christmas or Chanukah….friends…. Just remember… Christmas and Chanukah both convery hope in times of deep despair. It’s about miracles my sweet friends. War…skirmish….whatevah… Nah… Angel says: It’s all about the miracles. cross-posted at Woman Honor Thyself

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Xmas in Niatirb

December 4, 2006

Ms. Sunshine…..this is for you.

Xmas and Christmas

A Lost Chapter from Herodotus

by C. S. Lewis

And beyond this there lies in the ocean, turned towards the west and the north, the island of Niatirb which Hecataeus indeed declares to be the same size and shape as Sicily, but it is larger, and though in calling it triangular a man would not miss the mark. It is densely inhabited by men who wear clothes not very different from other barbarians who occupy the north- western parts of Europe though they do not agree with them in language. These islanders, surpassing all the men of whom we know in patience and endurance, use the following customs.


In the middle of winter when fogs and rains most abound they have a great festival which they call Exmas , and for fifty days they prepare for it in the fashion I shall describe. First of all, every citizen is obliged to send to each of his friends and relations a square piece of hard paper stamped with a picture, which in their speech is called an Exmas-card . But the pictures represent birds sitting on branches, or trees with a dark green prickly leaf, or else men in such garments as the Niatirbians believe that their ancestors wore two hundred years ago riding in coaches such as their ancestors used, or houses with snow on their roofs. And the Niatirbians are unwilling to say what these pictures have to do with the festival, guarding (as I suppose) some sacred mystery. And because all men must send these cards the market-place is filled with the crowd of those buying them, so that there is great labour and weariness.

But having bought as many as they suppose to be sufficient, they return to their houses and find there the like cards which others have sent to them. And when they find cards from any to whom they also have sent cards, they throw them away and give thanks to the gods that this labour at least is over for another year. But when they find cards from any to whom they have not sent, then they beat their breasts and wail and utter curses against the sender; and, having sufficiently lamented their misfortune, they put on their boots again and go out into the fog and rain and buy a card for him also. And let this account suffice about Exmas-cards.

They also send gifts to one another, suffering the same things about the gifts as about the cards, or even worse. For every citizen has to guess the value of the gift which every friend will send to him so that he may send one of equal value, whether he can afford it or not. And they buy as gifts for one another such things as no man ever bought for himself. For the sellers, understanding the custom, put forth all kinds of trumpery, and whatever, being useless and ridiculous, sell as an Exmas gift. And though the Niatirbians profess themselves to lack sufficient necessary things, such as metal, leather, wood and paper, yet an incredible quantity of these things is wasted every year, being made into the gifts.

But during these fifty days the oldest, poorest and the most miserable of citizens put on false beards and red robes and walk in the market-place; being disguised (in my opinion) as Cronos. And the sellers of gifts no less than the purchasers become pale and weary, because of the crowds and the fog, so that any man who came into a Niatirbian city at this season would think that some great calamity had fallen on Niatirb. This fifty days of preparation is called in their barbarian speech the Exmas Rush .

But when the day of the festival comes, then most of the citizens, being exhausted with the Rush, lie in bed till noon. But in the evening they eat five times as much supper as on other days and, crowning themselves with crowns of paper, they become intoxicated. And on the day after Exmas they are very grave, being internally disordered by the supper and the drinking and reckoning how much they have spent on gifts and on the wine. For wine is so dear among the Niatirbians that a man must swallow the worth of a talent before he is well intoxicated.

Such, then, are their customs about the Exmas. But the few among the Niatirbians have also a festival, separate and to themselves, called Crissmas, which is on the same day as Exmas. And those who keep Crissmas, doing the opposite to the majority of the Niatirbians, rise early on that day with shining faces and go before sunrise to certain temples where they partake of a sacred feast. And in most of the temples they set out images of a fair woman with a new-born Child on her knees and certain animals and shepherds adoring the Child. (The reason of these images is given in a certain sacred story which I know but do not repeat.)

But I myself conversed with a priest in one of these temples and asked him why they kept Crissmas on the same day as Exmas; for it appeared to me inconvenient. But the priest replied, It is not lawful, O Stranger, for us to change the date of Crissmas, but would that Zeus would put it into the minds of the Niatirbians to keep Exmas at some other time or not to keep it at all. For Exmas and the Rush distract the minds even of the few from sacred things. And we indeed are glad that men should make merry at Crissmas; but in Exmas there is no merriment left.

And when I asked him why they endured the Rush, he replied, It is, O Stranger, a racket ; using (as I suppose) the words of some oracle and speaking unintelligibly to me (for a racket is an instrument which the barbarians use in a game called tennis ).

But what Hecataeus says, that Exmas and Crissmas are the same, is not credible. For the first, the pictures which are stamped on the Exmas-cards have nothing to do with the sacred story which the priests tell about Crissmas. And secondly, the most part of the Niatirbians, not believing the religion of the few, nevertheless send the gifts and cards and participate in the Rush and drink, wearing paper caps. But it is not likely that men, even being barbarians, should suffer so many and great things in honour of a god they do not believe in. And now, enough about Niatirb. courtesy of…


And yes, coming straight from our interview today over at the Billy Sunshine show at KRXA in Monterey, CA , we want to thank the folks there for having us on! Thank you! Give us a call anytime you need looney types like us to chime in!

Billy, this one is for you: A call for peace in the War on Christmas? “Why a Jewish Atheist Loves Christmas”

By Alan M. Perlman, Ph.D.

    I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their hearts freely. And therefore, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!

Those are the words of Charles Dickens, and I have completely come around to his point of view. [read the rest]

Bah! Fugghiddaboudit!

This has been a presentation of the Coalition Of the War On the (COWOWOC). We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who will not stand buy and let the reason for the season be lost. (UNLESS YOU WORK AT BEST BUY) If you would like to participate by crossposting articles from your own blog….be on our blogroll, or invite us to be on FOX or CNN CONTACT: Dumb Ox News OR Stikguy (from Stiknstein… Has No Mercy!) at

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Operation Just Say Merry Christmas!

December 3, 2006

Where will all this “awareness” stop?
Live Strong!
First came Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” bracelet. (His alternative to “What Would Jesus Do?”?)

Then came the “awareness bracelets” for the politically important diseases/causes du jour–right down to the latest, “Stamp Out Polonium Sandwiches!” bracelets being worn by former Russian spies and their friends.Russian Awareness Bracelet

Kind of neat isn’t it, that you can sum up your weltanschauung and your most immediate priorities in life with a colored piece of rubber.

It came as no surprise to us that kiddies from Middle School on up liked the idea of summing up their self-image and dreams in life with charming, multi-colored “sexual awareness” bracelets to show their conquests (for boys?) and daring (for girls?)!

Actually, some progress has been made in that regard, as the girls now brag about their conquests and the boys titter about their daring.

Second actually, there is still some beef over whether the whole gel “sex bracelet” phenom was largely urban legend.

But I’m just not sure that the medium of bracelets to promote wholesome values can ever recover from some of those associations! Hasn’t this awareness bracelets thingy run its course?

And yet, and yet, just in time for this year’s “War on Christmas” here come the “Just Say Merry Christmas” bracelets! (For only $2.00 plus S+H)

Just Say It!

Maybe this bracelet will one day stand for the idea of “Too little, Too late”!

I think the thing that gets me the most about such a bracelet is the implied “… or else” that seems to come to mind!

Lest ye forget that not all Christians are on the same side of the Christmas Wars…

Here’s a novel idea from the Mennonites of Canada: “Just Say No To Christmas” (hat tip to Think Christian).

They even have their own Anti-Christmas Carol!

“Buying Nothing At All” (download Mp3 here)

This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the
We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who
will not stand buy and let the reason
for the season be lost.
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