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CBS Clueless on Truce in War on Christmas

December 14, 2006

War? What war?

Somebody should have told CBS that the War on Christmas (let alone on Christians) had been called off this year!

“Joy to the world, I’m getting laid…” chimes Charlie Sheen on one of CBS’s lame-coms…

( Instead of “… the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King!)

“We’ll deck the halls, then play some jingle balls…” continues Sheen crooning.

The sleezy maid adds some more sick straight lines. Watch and enjoy!

Hmmm… What would Mohammed do indeed?

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War on Christmas


BREAKING STORY……COWOWOC slams communist Homeowners Assoc…….in the War on Christmas

November 29, 2006

While the war on Christmas is off to a slow start this year……things are beginning to pick up. The only war so far this year seems to be coming from Godless Liberal Scrooge Minions who are ranting about last years inconclusive war on Christmas. Actually, they are yammering about what O’Reilly said last year…….This is the best they can do?…….So far this year, tradition appreciating Americans have not had much to say on the subject, much to the disappointment of the “Bill Reily said this last year” crowd. It’s obvious the anti PC crowd is laying low waiting for just the right moment to outrage the other side……… However, we do have someone we can ALL attack today……… A HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIAION ASS…….Hell Yeah!!!! Subdivision Bans Wreath With Peace SignHomeowner Defies Board, Faces About $1000 in Fines By ROBERT WELLER, AP DENVER (Nov. 27) – A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan. SATAN?……SATAN?…….When were these people born? Surely not the 60’s. A peace Christmas wreath has something to do with satan?

Bob Kearns, is president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs. Kearns ordered the committee to require Jensen to remove the wreath, but members refused after concluding that it was merely a seasonal symbol that didn’t say anything. Kearns fired all five committee members.

Well, we all know Homeowners associations only exist to Raise our dues and PISS US OFF…….But this Kearns guy needs to go down……….Stik sez…..want to shut him up?……Find out how many illegal aliens he have been hiring to do the subdivision’s lawn maintenence and tip off ICE or Homeland security. Tell’em that maybe there’s a meth lab in his basement. That’ll give him something to do rather than hassle some old hippies and their Christmas Wreath…….sheesh! All the links on the Web ALSO reported by Dumb Ox News ON THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS TODAY: Godzilla VS Christmas is almost funny….well,the Godzilla sounds are anyhow….. HuffPo pines about O’Reilly….actually I meant whines….. Some “PROGRESSIVE” Blogger whines about O’Reilly….. Some liberal blog that likes to wow you with latin…..and slam’s Christmas too. This guy says Christmas Lovers are like an intestinal flu, because they don’t love the ACLU…. Geeeeze!……Are these folks perpetually sad and angry? Maybe Santa will bring me a liberal with a sense of humor……….. This has been a presentation of the Coalition Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC) We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who will not stand buy and let the True reason for the season be forgotten. (UNLESS YOU WORK AT BEST BUY) If you would like to participate, contact Stikguy at or Dumb Ox News

Homeowners Association Caves…….World peace Prevails!!!!!

Of course they said “it was all a misunderstanding.”…….OH….They are so off Santa’s List……..