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AFA Takes Cue From WOWOC!

December 8, 2006

Days after WE POINTED OUT (“…Videos for your Warring Pleasure…”) that OLD NAVY had fallen beneath the radar of the Christmas police, AFA swings belatedly into action! Are they reading us, or what? Now, yes the image of their mailing doesn’t fit our format, but you get the idea…

Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman


December 5, 2006

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.

Gap, Old Navy censor ‘Christmas,’ replace it with ‘Holiday’

Dear Dumb Ox,

Gap, which owns Old Navy, Banana Republic, Forth & Towne and Piperlime, has become the latest politically correct retailer, intentionally censoring the use of “Christmas” in their in-store, online and printed advertising.

Instead of referring to the season as Christmas, Gap instead uses the word “holiday.” As hard as we tried, AFA could not find a single instance in which Gap-owned stores use the term “Christmas.” Not a single time!

When one Old Navy store manager was asked by AFA if the word Christmas was in his store, he answered, “We have a lot of Christmas gifts in our stores, but the word Christmas is not used here. Everything is ‘holiday.'”

Gap wants you to do your Christmas shopping with them, but they don’t want to mention the Reason for the season. Gap doesn’t want to offend non-Christians by using Christmas. The fact that their censoring the use of Christmas might offend Christians seems to be of no importance.

Take Action

If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Honest, I didn’t write the copy for this AFA Alert! Not one of their better efforts…


Is it Merry Christmas….or Merely Correctness?

December 7, 2006

 Today……Christmas continues to take a beating…..


The Award winning Worst politically correct Christmas card of the year.


They can’t even bring themselves to use the word “Holiday”

In a Related story:

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt takes time out of his schedule for some reassurance to a State hammered by the worst winter storm in years ……. it is OK to use the “C” word.

Via Tom’s Blog

“Missouri state government employees should not have to worry about this matter. To ensure that there is no confusion regarding our state policy I am directing that each of you inform all members of your department that they should feel at ease using traditional holiday phrases, including “Merry Christmas” and they should have no fear of official reprisal. I also ask that you inform your staff that the objections of those who are offended by these phrases be given due consideration, but that no state employee will be reprimanded or in any way disciplined for saying “Merry Christmas.”

Course he’s fighting the war from a conference in Florida…….heh

But The Street Profits .com has found a new player in the war. A mistletoe that attacks Christmas trees. Yep, the very symbol we depend on for some “action” has turned……. Oh the humanity!!!


While we at WOWOWOC  are finding a lot of humor and good natured analysis from many on the war Christmas……We occasionally come across a post like this one……we think there is a point being made……we just can’t find it…….



Just in case you were a little unsure


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Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
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It’s the Battle of the Bulge….Santa’s bulge….Germany looses again

December 4, 2006

 Cross Posted from  stiknstein…has no mercy

In The War on Christmas……It seems Hitler Santas can’t find an ally…..even on Christmas.


Via CNN:

“BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) — A German chain of shops has removed miniature wooden Santa Claus figures from its shelves and destroyed them after customers complained it looked like they were giving the stiff-armed Hitler salute that is outlawed.”It looks like he’s just pointing up to the sky and we were surprised that anyone saw the so-called ‘Hitler salute’ in that. But we responded and had the entire inventory removed and destroyed.”

Course it probably didn’t help that a German company was selling  them……Heh.

We guess those Boys from Brazil will miss their favorite stocking stuffer this year………………….


Meanwhile :

The State of Maine has Santas Back……..No swilling Santa up heah!

Via USA Today:

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A beer distributor says Maine is being a Scrooge by barring it from selling a beer with a label depicting Santa Claus enjoying a pint of brew.

In a complaint filed in federal court, Shelton Brothers accuses the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement of censorship for denying applications for labels for Santa’s Butt Winter Porter and two other beers it wants to sell in Maine.


The dispute recalls a similar squabble last year when Connecticut told Shelton Brothers it had problems with its Seriously Bad Elf ale.

War on Christmas Pic of the Day

December 4, 2006

Some traditions never go away……

The War on Christmas is here to stay!

Warring on Christmas since 1998


Or, has the “War on Christmas” been won, this year?

According to Adam at American Daily, the hedonists are hightailing it to the hills… And Wayne at New York Blade agrees on the “victory,” although with an alternative perspective…

“After getting creamed in the elections, the conservatives get this consolation prize.” [read the rest]

At least some folks think the War on the War on Christmas is still news! Brandon and Advocate1 over at Republican Free America reprint their “Brief History” of the war to urge VIGILANCE against the anti-War on Christmas warriors! But just a reprint from last year? Maybe it’s a sign…

While S.Z. at World-O-Crap pretty much sums up our blog: “[The War on Christmas] has reached the point of parody, crossed over, been reincarnated as really lame satire, and ultimately ended up as really stupid tragedy.” {read the rest}

He does cite a great new book, high up on our Christmas, Holiday, Seasonal, reading, list:

Ninth Circus!

Yikes! Not the Ninth Circus!!! (click on image to enlarge it)

It’s a real book!

Xmas in Niatirb

December 4, 2006

Ms. Sunshine…..this is for you.

Xmas and Christmas

A Lost Chapter from Herodotus

by C. S. Lewis

And beyond this there lies in the ocean, turned towards the west and the north, the island of Niatirb which Hecataeus indeed declares to be the same size and shape as Sicily, but it is larger, and though in calling it triangular a man would not miss the mark. It is densely inhabited by men who wear clothes not very different from other barbarians who occupy the north- western parts of Europe though they do not agree with them in language. These islanders, surpassing all the men of whom we know in patience and endurance, use the following customs.


In the middle of winter when fogs and rains most abound they have a great festival which they call Exmas , and for fifty days they prepare for it in the fashion I shall describe. First of all, every citizen is obliged to send to each of his friends and relations a square piece of hard paper stamped with a picture, which in their speech is called an Exmas-card . But the pictures represent birds sitting on branches, or trees with a dark green prickly leaf, or else men in such garments as the Niatirbians believe that their ancestors wore two hundred years ago riding in coaches such as their ancestors used, or houses with snow on their roofs. And the Niatirbians are unwilling to say what these pictures have to do with the festival, guarding (as I suppose) some sacred mystery. And because all men must send these cards the market-place is filled with the crowd of those buying them, so that there is great labour and weariness.

But having bought as many as they suppose to be sufficient, they return to their houses and find there the like cards which others have sent to them. And when they find cards from any to whom they also have sent cards, they throw them away and give thanks to the gods that this labour at least is over for another year. But when they find cards from any to whom they have not sent, then they beat their breasts and wail and utter curses against the sender; and, having sufficiently lamented their misfortune, they put on their boots again and go out into the fog and rain and buy a card for him also. And let this account suffice about Exmas-cards.

They also send gifts to one another, suffering the same things about the gifts as about the cards, or even worse. For every citizen has to guess the value of the gift which every friend will send to him so that he may send one of equal value, whether he can afford it or not. And they buy as gifts for one another such things as no man ever bought for himself. For the sellers, understanding the custom, put forth all kinds of trumpery, and whatever, being useless and ridiculous, sell as an Exmas gift. And though the Niatirbians profess themselves to lack sufficient necessary things, such as metal, leather, wood and paper, yet an incredible quantity of these things is wasted every year, being made into the gifts.

But during these fifty days the oldest, poorest and the most miserable of citizens put on false beards and red robes and walk in the market-place; being disguised (in my opinion) as Cronos. And the sellers of gifts no less than the purchasers become pale and weary, because of the crowds and the fog, so that any man who came into a Niatirbian city at this season would think that some great calamity had fallen on Niatirb. This fifty days of preparation is called in their barbarian speech the Exmas Rush .

But when the day of the festival comes, then most of the citizens, being exhausted with the Rush, lie in bed till noon. But in the evening they eat five times as much supper as on other days and, crowning themselves with crowns of paper, they become intoxicated. And on the day after Exmas they are very grave, being internally disordered by the supper and the drinking and reckoning how much they have spent on gifts and on the wine. For wine is so dear among the Niatirbians that a man must swallow the worth of a talent before he is well intoxicated.

Such, then, are their customs about the Exmas. But the few among the Niatirbians have also a festival, separate and to themselves, called Crissmas, which is on the same day as Exmas. And those who keep Crissmas, doing the opposite to the majority of the Niatirbians, rise early on that day with shining faces and go before sunrise to certain temples where they partake of a sacred feast. And in most of the temples they set out images of a fair woman with a new-born Child on her knees and certain animals and shepherds adoring the Child. (The reason of these images is given in a certain sacred story which I know but do not repeat.)

But I myself conversed with a priest in one of these temples and asked him why they kept Crissmas on the same day as Exmas; for it appeared to me inconvenient. But the priest replied, It is not lawful, O Stranger, for us to change the date of Crissmas, but would that Zeus would put it into the minds of the Niatirbians to keep Exmas at some other time or not to keep it at all. For Exmas and the Rush distract the minds even of the few from sacred things. And we indeed are glad that men should make merry at Crissmas; but in Exmas there is no merriment left.

And when I asked him why they endured the Rush, he replied, It is, O Stranger, a racket ; using (as I suppose) the words of some oracle and speaking unintelligibly to me (for a racket is an instrument which the barbarians use in a game called tennis ).

But what Hecataeus says, that Exmas and Crissmas are the same, is not credible. For the first, the pictures which are stamped on the Exmas-cards have nothing to do with the sacred story which the priests tell about Crissmas. And secondly, the most part of the Niatirbians, not believing the religion of the few, nevertheless send the gifts and cards and participate in the Rush and drink, wearing paper caps. But it is not likely that men, even being barbarians, should suffer so many and great things in honour of a god they do not believe in. And now, enough about Niatirb. courtesy of…


And yes, coming straight from our interview today over at the Billy Sunshine show at KRXA in Monterey, CA , we want to thank the folks there for having us on! Thank you! Give us a call anytime you need looney types like us to chime in!

Billy, this one is for you: A call for peace in the War on Christmas? “Why a Jewish Atheist Loves Christmas”

By Alan M. Perlman, Ph.D.

    I have always thought of Christmas as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their hearts freely. And therefore, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!

Those are the words of Charles Dickens, and I have completely come around to his point of view. [read the rest]

Bah! Fugghiddaboudit!

This has been a presentation of the Coalition Of the War On the (COWOWOC). We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who will not stand buy and let the reason for the season be lost. (UNLESS YOU WORK AT BEST BUY) If you would like to participate by crossposting articles from your own blog….be on our blogroll, or invite us to be on FOX or CNN CONTACT: Dumb Ox News OR Stikguy (from Stiknstein… Has No Mercy!) at

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Not much “Goodwill” in the War on Christmas

December 3, 2006

 A classic moment in the War on the War on Christmas… _______________________


O’REILLY: I bet you they wouldn’t get handcuffed in Crate & Barrel if they started chanting and stuff.”

The “chanting and stuff” is called praying you dumbass twit.Maybe you should try it sometime so you will understand the meaning of the words “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill towards All” instead on “War on Christmas” and nasty attitude towards anyone who does not agree with your loony ideas .” _____________________

WE HERE AT THE COALITION COULDN’T AGREE MORE WITH BOTH ASSESSMENTS…………Sure, O’Reilly may be a loony dumbass twit……. BUT, on the other hand calling him one probably doesn’t fit in the “Goodwill towards all” category….Heh….

 YES……..There are no non-combatants in the War on Christmas…….


On the Battlefront today:At Town Hall, Kathryn Jean Lopez observes:

Gibson writes of his experience over the last year: “Many parents contacted me and said the story of Plano, Texas, where the school board wouldn’t allow the colors red and green for the plates and cups and napkins at the kids ‘winter’ party, was actually quite common. I heard about one school where the principal went to each schoolroom before Thanksgiving and put all red and green construction paper under lock and key until after New Years. It is silly and paranoid actions like that which make people certain the war is real and not a figment of their imagination.”

BUT……The Tahlequah Daily Press reports Christmas in Oaklahoma is still going strong!:

Of course, attempts by obnoxious individuals to strip Christmas of its sacred trappings are few and far between. In Cherokee County – and most everywhere else – nativity scenes still abound, Christian music is still performed by the high school band, and stores still tout the advent (if you’ll pardon the pun) of a “Spectacular Christmas Blowout!” in sales flyers.

 Santa……..Between Rounds in the War on Christmas santa-tired.jpg

This has been a presentation of the Coalition Of the War On the (COWOWOC). We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who will not stand buy and let the reason for the season be lost. (UNLESS YOU WORK AT BEST BUY) If you would like to participate by crossposting articles from your own blog….be on our blogroll, or invite us to be on FOX or CNN CONTACT: Dumb Ox News OR Stikguy (from Stiknstein… Has No Mercy!) at

Where’s Borat stand on the War on Christmas?

November 29, 2006

Well, we know which side Homeowners Associations are on……..the opposite side of the actual homeowners. The decorators of the houses. In the Rocky mountain News, Mike Littwin is calling the Peace symbol scandal the official most idiotic war on Christmas Story of the year………
We here at C.O.W.O.W.O.C. say it’s way too early to decide on the most idiotic story……..Remember, O’Reilly is still on vacation. Plus, we still have 26 more shopping days for the best idiot to expose their Chrismattitude for all the world scoff at.

O’Reilly, the self-styled culture warrior, seems to have won that battle, by the way. Kmart and Target and the others are all merrily Christmasing this year. Wal-Mart has announced that 60 percent of its “holiday” labels have been changed to “Christmas.” Sounds like those Chinese assembly-line workers have been busy.

Yes, according to Loma Linda HOA President Bob Kearns, the antichrist has come to Pagosa Springs, or at least one subdivision therein, in the form of a peace sign on a Christmas (holiday?) wreath. Kearns told the Durango Herald it’s “an anti-Christ sign. That’s how it got started.”

All us hippies from the 60’s really know the peace sign is derived from the pagan symbol of the inverted bic lighter with the split fingers trying to avoid burning your knuckles while trying to light your bong.


Somebody get Ken Salazar on the phone. How about James Dobson? I have just three words for Mr. Kearns: Six, six and six.

I know, it’s hilarious. If only Borat had stopped in Colorado.

So……. the first round is a toss up. The collapse of the war on Satanic Peace symbols is not a clear cut victory for the Santa Squad. The secularists can claim a part of the winnings, but remember…..The heavy hitters aren’t even out of the dressing room yet………

This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who
will not stand buy and let the reason
for the season be.
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