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O’Reillys back!……Smites Crate and Barrel

December 1, 2006

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We are proud to announce Planet Moron has joined us as a moderator and D.C insider. One of the best writers of satire and observers of human nature you’ll ever find staring at you with X-ray glasses, Planet Moron’s contributions to the War on the War On Christmas will be exceptionally astute.( even better than Nancy Grace)

ALSO…..We’d like to thank Blogagog at Toast…..It’s not just for Breakfast Anymore, for tipping us on the breaking O’Reilly story. Blogagog is spending December with KFed…..uh….FedEx, working on his legal case and won’t be blogging till after Christm…..uh….the Holidays, but has promised to be our eyes and ears in the field as well as comment on our blog whenever he thinks were not up to par… thanks Blogagog!

Blogagog’s kids with Santa last Year……

In tonights War on the War On Christmas Headlines:


Things are getting back to normal now that Bill O’Reilly is back in town. Today, a slapdown of Crate and Barrel was in order.
O’Reilly cited a recent article in which Crate & Barrel spokeswoman Betty Kahn is quoted saying, “We would definitely not say Merry Christmas.”
But in an interview with ThinkProgress, Kahn said her quote was misconstrued.

SUUUURE……. That’s what every secularist sez when they get busted Warring on Christmas.
Here’s the LAMO statement Blogagog received from their CEO when he followed up……We at WOWOWOC see right through it….BUT WE JUST REPORT….YOU DECIDE:

“On behalf of Gordon Segal, thank you for writing to Crate and Barrel about the recent press coverage concerning our holiday greetings to our customers. We appreciate having this opportunity to clarify our company’s position on this subject.At Crate and Barrel, we have never had a policy about what associates are to say to customers during the holiday season. We trust each associate to choose the appropriate salutation, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Hanukkah,” Have a wonderful holiday season,” etc.We at Crate and Barrel celebrate all the joys of the holiday season and honor its many cultures and traditions. Our role is to help customers make their holiday celebrations – whatever they may be – more beautiful and festive. We are always thankful to our customers for the opportunity to be part of their holiday traditions.”Thank you again for writing.Sincerely,Gordon Segal
Crate and Barrel
Just what we expected they would say.But over at Think Progress, the commenters went surprisingly easy on O’Reilly……………’s a sample:
“That just about describes Bill. The smallest, pettiest, stupidest and most annoying guy on TV!”
“This guy is hemorrhaging credibility by the minute!What is he the Kaped Krusader for Kristmas?”
“Keep it up, Bill-O. You are making Stephen Colbert look more like a genius every day.”

” Bill O (channeling Mark McKinney):”I hate Crate & Barrel! I am crushing their heads!”

“Only dumbasses listen to this guy. ““I think that Bill is the dumbest man on the planet. The war on Christmas is a farce. Christmas is out of control, Christians have allowed it to be hijacked by the likes of Wal-Mart and Bill!”

“Bill O’Reilly makes me hate Christmas.”

AS a side note…..Michelle Malkin did thump O’Reilly when she characterized his perception of the War on Christmas as ” an eye popping 10 on the rage-o-meter” while hers was only a 2 or so………..We say…c’mon Michelle….you were never a 2 on anything!


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