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Operation Just Say Merry Christmas!

December 3, 2006

Where will all this “awareness” stop?
Live Strong!
First came Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” bracelet. (His alternative to “What Would Jesus Do?”?)

Then came the “awareness bracelets” for the politically important diseases/causes du jour–right down to the latest, “Stamp Out Polonium Sandwiches!” bracelets being worn by former Russian spies and their friends.Russian Awareness Bracelet

Kind of neat isn’t it, that you can sum up your weltanschauung and your most immediate priorities in life with a colored piece of rubber.

It came as no surprise to us that kiddies from Middle School on up liked the idea of summing up their self-image and dreams in life with charming, multi-colored “sexual awareness” bracelets to show their conquests (for boys?) and daring (for girls?)!

Actually, some progress has been made in that regard, as the girls now brag about their conquests and the boys titter about their daring.

Second actually, there is still some beef over whether the whole gel “sex bracelet” phenom was largely urban legend.

But I’m just not sure that the medium of bracelets to promote wholesome values can ever recover from some of those associations! Hasn’t this awareness bracelets thingy run its course?

And yet, and yet, just in time for this year’s “War on Christmas” here come the “Just Say Merry Christmas” bracelets! (For only $2.00 plus S+H)

Just Say It!

Maybe this bracelet will one day stand for the idea of “Too little, Too late”!

I think the thing that gets me the most about such a bracelet is the implied “… or else” that seems to come to mind!

Lest ye forget that not all Christians are on the same side of the Christmas Wars…

Here’s a novel idea from the Mennonites of Canada: “Just Say No To Christmas” (hat tip to Think Christian).

They even have their own Anti-Christmas Carol!

“Buying Nothing At All” (download Mp3 here)

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