Daily Kos posts gruesome War on Christmas Drive by shooting pics

Cross Posted by Stiknstein…has no mercy

Who would have expected it from The Daily Kos !!!

As a founding member of the Coalition Of the War On the War On Christmas…….Stiknstein borrowed a few of the bored Kerry Presidential Exploratory Committee staff to dig into the matter…….

We believe this counters their editorial position that the War On Christmas is a Right wing conspiracy manufactured to boost ratings for Conservative Talk radio and the “FAUX” news channel. Why they would print damning eividence to the contrary has led us to wonder…..Is this pic real?….Clearly it’s not via Reuters, so it’s veracity shouldn’t be in question.



In the story, the Diaryist reluctantly admitted there were reports that the get away car “may have had a Kos Bumper sticker on it….

We at Stiknstein, Dumb Ox News the rest of the COWOWOC staff of legal age ex pages are proud to join with Daily Kos in exposing this ugly and little mentioned aspect of The War On Christmas:


A little digging turned up even more evidence in this very REAL expose’…….


We’ve been reassured this combat photo in the War on Christmas has not been doctored……Looks suspiciously like a deer to us!


While Stiknstein and The Dumb Ox News may differ editorially from Daily Kos, we applaud their honesty and forthrightness…..after all no matter what you may be celebrating…..Decorations are all about the KIDS…..RIGHT?

Kiddie decorated houses courtesy of UglyChristmasLights.com

In other WOWOC news today:

No War On Christmas?….V Dare sez…..HAH!
Quaker Dave at the QuakerAgitator adds a little ammo…..
SWAC GIRL with…The “War on Christmas” continues
And The World Net Daily has bullet points

This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who
will not stand buy and let the reason
for the season be.
If you would like to participate by crossposting
articles from your own blog….be on our blogroll, or invite us to be on FOX or CNN
Dumb Ox News
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