SacredA new ad campaign sponsored by “WakeUpWalMart.com,” an anti-WalMart organization backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union asks “Would Jesus shop at Wal-Mart?”

If you are like us, you are outraged that a mainstream labor organization purporting to represent 1.3 million hard-working Americans would use a sacred religious figure to peddle a partisan political message.

Not when there are dozens of other religions out there with their own revered figures being denied their fair share of public defilement.

People in this country must stop behaving as if Christianity is the only faith practiced by Americans and start broadening their exploitation to include messiahs of other religions whose specific views on modern secular topics can’t possibly be known all for the sole purpose of furthering personal agendas.

For instance, why not run an ad campaign that asks what the Prophet Muhammed would think of trimming producer costs through the outsourcing of production to China given scripture that clearly denounces current Export-Import Bank policies? Or how about using Joseph Smith to promote more attractive flex-time wellness programs and lower prescription drug co-payments?

Yes, before we can consider ourselves to be a truly inclusive society welcoming of all cultures and beliefs, we must be willing to open our hearts as well as our minds to those who have been traditionally marginalized by the broader culture.

And hijack a wide range of theological teachings in a craven attempt to manipulate those of faith purely for personal gain.

For too long have we ignored the possible contributions L. Ron Hubbard could make if only we would be willing to use his name in support of accelerated depreciation schedules for capital investments in ethanol production or the Buddhist principles that clearly underly support for indexing the Alternative Minimum Tax to the CPI.

Surely in this season of brotherly love we can find it in ourselves to reach out and look to other cultures for new and innovative ways to serve our own self interest.


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