No SantA HatS!


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BINMEN have been banned from wearing Santa hats — on health grounds.

The refuse collectors in Kingston upon Hull have worn the traditional red hats for years.

Now city council scrooges say “it does not create a professional impression of the council”.

City bans binmen’s Santa hats

But one angry binman told The Sun: “It doesn’t look like anyone can escape the PC brigade this year.
“Our Santa hats have always brought a bit of festive cheer to local households. We loved seeing the faces of excited kids watching us from the window and laughing at our hats.

No more Santa hats for the U.K.’s garbage men.

Let’s see now………….What is the most subtle way for Rad. Muzlism to push forward?

How about undermining the very foundations of free societies by slowly chipping away at the rights of the “individual.”…After all, it’s just a silly ole hat eh? xmaskull18.gif

Convince the ole masses that their beliefs or actions are disrespectful to “others” ..shhh….don’t say outloud, but we all know who that is……muzlimsmall.jpg…… and must be shunned at all costs. Lest we offend..Lest we offend…


No folks, it aint bout the Santa hat.

Political Correctness is nothing more than a treacherous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry.

We witness the seeds of manipulation and brainwashing on the Libs blindly following the dictums of the Left wingers. Leftists and Rad. Muzlims are fellow travelers, yea…they both travel backwards but still call it progress.

After all…Is it not the nature of Western Civilization to be civilized?

Do we really need these external influences trying to dhimmify…civilize us?

How can one peoples’ harmless or benign icon be sooooooooooooo objectionable to the “sensitive” ones that they must be eternally abolished?

Say yes to burkkaz n veils but no to lil red caps with pom poms? Hypocrisy?


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One Comment on “No SantA HatS!”

  1. You know they are getting desperate when they even start banning secular symbols of Christmas.

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