RU naughty?…..or nice….

White House get’s left off the “A” list AGAIN…….(just what is Fallwell thinking?) Already in a state of dismay at not being invited to Hugo Chavez’s Christmas party, the White House is not included in the Liberty Counsel’s Christmas list of Naughty or Nice folks…….

While it is rumored that Hugo said George could come as KRAMPUS, George and Laura evidently decided to spend the “holiday” in Washington.



 Americans United for Separation of Church and State wonder why they didn’t make the “Naughty” side.

Bushes Get Naughty!: White House Declares War On Christmas – Again!

In our continuing effort to keep readers informed about developments in the “War on Christmas,” we’d like to note the emergence of some new combatants: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

The White House 2006 holiday card is just out – and it does not once mention the word “Christmas.”

The front of the card contains a watercolor drawing of the White House festooned with a Christmas tree, wreaths and lights (no creche!) covered by snow. Inside the greeting reads, “May the light of the season shine bright in your heart now and in the new year.”

The Naughty Folks

ﻼ Banana Republic – Web site has “Holiday Gift Guide” with no mention of any Christmas.

ﻼ Bed Bath & Beyond – No mention of any holidays.

ﻼ Barnes & Noble – Web site says Gift guide, Holiday gift baskets, Holiday sled, Holiday delivery but NO Christmas. Physical stores not allowed to put up Christmas trees, employees not allowed to say Merry Christmas.

ﻼ Best Buy – Web site says “Unique gifts for the season,” “Holiday gift ideas.” Spokesperson said they consider the use of “Merry Christmas” to be disrespectful.

ﻼ Dick’s Sporting Goods – Web site says gifts and has images, but no mention of Christmas.

ﻼ Eddie Bauer – Customer service would not recognize Christmas, they “don’t want to offend Jews, those who celebrate Kwanza and those who have no religious preference.”

ﻼ Gap – “Holiday Survival Guide” no mention of Christmas.

ﻼ Home Depot – Web site says Holiday Store and Holiday lighting and only at bottom of site says “Make your Christmas decorations complete.” Physical store has Holiday Home Accents.

ﻼ K-Mart – Selling “Holiday trees” and “Holiday wreaths.”

ﻼ Lowes – In 2005, Lows stated they would modify their ads and no longer say things such as “Holiday trees”, however, their Web site has Holiday Living department and Holiday gift cards. Will not allow employees to greet customers with “Merry Christmas”.

ﻼ Bed Bath & Beyond – No mention of any holidays.

ﻼ Mills Fleet Farm – (WI, MN, IA and ND) Changed their Christmas Catalog to “Toy and Gift Catalog”, replaced Christmas signs with “Holiday” signs. No mention of Christmas at all.

ﻼ Old Navy – Web site has “Holiday Gift Guide,” “Holiday gift boxes” but no Christmas.

ﻼ Petsmart – Has a Holiday Shop, and Luv-a-pet ornaments.

ﻼ Toys ‘R’ Us – No mention of Christmas. “…Toys ‘R’ Us aims to be neutral in this regard… We endeavor to make our stores festive, while respecting that our customers celebrate many different customs throughout the holidays.”.
The Nice Folks

√ Dillard’s ~ Advertising their Christmas Catalog.

√ JC Penney ~ Web site has their Christmas shipping countdown.

√ Joann Fabrics ~ Offers Christmas and Holiday fabrics.

√ Kohl’s ~ Christmas is all over TV, print and radio ads.

√ L.L. Bean ~ Advertising and distributing their Christmas Catalog.

√ Linens ‘N Things ~ Has a Christmas Shop and Christmas Checklist.

√ Macy’s ~ “Merry Christmas!” on the homepage of their Web site.

√ Michaels ~ Web site has a Christmas section.

√ M&M-Mars Candies ~ Will have red and green candies with pictures of Christmas trees and angels among other images.

√ Target ~ Web site says Christmas Decor, though the physical store has Holiday entertaining. End of television ad says “Merry Christmas”.

√ Wal-Mart ~ Has a Christmas Shop, plays Christmas carols, and employees can say “Merry Christmas.”

√ Sears ~ Stores have signs that say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” although Web site just says “holidays”.



“We’re in ur skoolz stealin ur crizzmas”

In Virginia, if your child gets a notice of  Christmas Events….they will probably get one of these too…….just to be fair……


Pagan Christmas ritual pressed on young kids
Elementary-age children given handout pushing heathen ‘Yule’ ritual tomorrow

A public-school handout urging young children in Virginia to attend a “Pagan ritual” tomorrow to “celebrate Yule” is sparking objections from concerned parents. The flyer in question is from a group called NatureSpirit from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation that also teaches “Exploring Islam,” “Women Weaving Wisdom,” “Discovering the Healing Power of Dreams” and other religious subjects. “

Gee…..It’s tough to fight a war if some judge rules both sides get to recruit the kids equally…..remember…..


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4 Comments on “RU naughty?…..or nice….”

  1. dumb3ox Says:

    Dooood! Super post.

  2. AWitchOnAMission Says:

    This maybe a little late, but there is more than Christmas in December, and it’s only fair to recognize all of them. And just to let you in on a little secret we PAGANS are sick of keeping, everything about your Christmas(Trees, wreaths, a Holy birth, fireplaces and YULE logs, everything except for the cards traditionally, that’s all you folks) IS INDEED PAGAN! So don’t get upset about kids doing a Pagan Yule ritual, it’s exactly what you’ll be doing at some point when you go to Church on Christmas. That is, if you can pull yourself away from the greedy, materialistic portion of your version of the SAME holiday. We’re willing to share the Light, we don’t bitch about it and so you should respect us a bit and tell us “Happy Holidays”, so we at least feel apart of our own tradition. Thank you. A witch on a mission.

  3. annaree Says:

    exactly what AWitchOnAMission said. be more open-minded, brah.

  4. annaree Says:

    lol “heathen”…. please stop. just please. the children were not pressed to go, m’dear. everything is voluntary.

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