War on Christmas Heating up at Huffington Post…it’s on….uh…it’s off?

The Huffington Post Has officially joined the fray by declaring War on the other Christmas……The Anti Christmas: RJ Eskow……Writes:

Uh-oh, we’re running late. It’s December 6 already, and nobody’s fired a shot in the war against Christmas yet. So let me be the first. Surely you know about the Big War, right? Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson – and a dozen other rightwing hatemongers – have been complaining about it since they invented it last year.

Uh… sorry RJ…..you are late. We at COWOWOC have been covering this years War for weeks. It’s OK though, fresh troops are pouring in as we get closer to “C” day. There’s Plenty of room for everybody to play.

It’s the other Christmas I’m declaring war against – the political Christmas, the state-sponsored Christmas promoted by the government (and by that quasigovernmental agency called Fox News). I’m declaring war on the Christmas that’s used by demagogues like O’Reilly to divide people. I’m declaring war on the Christmas that has more to do with the principles of Karl Rove than it does with the principles of Jesus Christ. I’m declaring war on the Christmas of the haters, the bullies, the war-lovers, the shouters, the interrupters.

I’m also declaring war against the corporate-sponsored Christmas, the Credit Card Christmas, the debt-amplifying and soul-killing Christmas. I’m declaring war on the Christmas that says you need to buy and consume to celebrate the holiday. I’m declaring war on the Christmas of the monolithic economic machine that perverts even our most sacred rituals in order to tighten the bonds of financial enslavement.

We’re with you on that consumer thing….. MBNA with their 28% rates and $25 late fees surely make that list…….Get out the scissors and cut ’em up!!!!!

Hmmmmmm which one should it be?….. ccards.jpg

These can go to…..why bother?


but alas then, so does Vermont Teddy Bear.vtbear1.jpg

The innocent always suffer in the war on Christmas.

I’m declaring war on that first Christmas, the worldly one. If there wasn’t a war on it before, I’m saying right here that I’d like to get one started. I’d like to see that shadow holiday, that anti-Christmas, disappear forever. For God’s sake, hasn’t the world had enough of it?

Well…………..Yes……….but another Huffpo columnist seems to have cut and run…..uh …..declared the War over . Barbara Ehrenreich writes:

Let’s face it: Christmas is not the exclusive property of those who think God came to earth 2000 years ago as a baby in Bethlehem…..How Christian is Christmas anyway? The tree and the wreathes descend from pagan, tree-worshipping, Druidism. The December date for the holiday probably comes from the Roman Saturnalia, a pre-existing blow-out featuring feasting and role-inversion (masters had to wait on slaves.) Even if you fixate on Jesus, he was a pretty ecumenical guy–a Jew who invented Christianity and is also much honored by Muslims. And who would be grinch-like enough not to welcome a baby whose mission was to bring world peace?

An interesting strategy we must admit…….Take Christmas back from Christian- atics, and enjoy it for what it is…..

Then there’s the annual fight over the tree: Can it be multi-colored and gaudy, as I prefer, or all-white, as certain puritanical in-laws insist? And toys, toys, toys. I spent yesterday searching for obscure members of the Dora the Explorer tribe: What’s with this pre- Christmas shortage of Dora’s monkey sidekick, Boots?


At the post office last week, where I was stocking up on stamps for the above-mentioned cards, I struggled over the seasonal options: Chanukah, Kwanza, Eid (the post-Ramadan Muslim holiday), or a traditional Virgin and Child. “You should get a sheet of each,” the postmistress helpfully suggested, “More and more people are doing that.” So I did, and I now declare the war is over – the War on Christmas anyway.


Wait a minute…….Buying a few sheets of stamps will end this war? Dang! That may be a great solution but it sounds suspiciouslly like we’d be caving to that monolithic economic machine that perverts even our most sacred rituals in order to tighten the bonds of financial enslavement……The U.S. Postal Service……


and by the way……..We figure, Going Postal is probably the best part of  this war in the first place!

This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who
will not stand buy and let the reason
for the season be.
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