HappY (C)hanukkah!

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Gather round friends…story time.
(Got ya popcorn?..Tis a looooooooong one. Heh) ssshhhh.gif

Once upon a time in Israel..ahem ..sorry..at that time known as “Judea” (I know, I know..so technical!)..the Jewish people, who were farmers, and shepherds (that’s right..not doctors and lawyers).. were ruled by various kings and made pilgrimages to the stunning Temple in Jerusalem on holidays.

The Temple was a magnificent sight to behold: gold crowns and gates covered with gold and silver. Imagine.

There was a light that perpertually burned, and a gold vine with gold leaves and grapes hanging from it. Imagine.

The Jews, led by the high priest, prayed to just one God, unlike others who worshipped idols and many Gods.

All were living in peace until one fellow, a Greek, by the name of Antiochus the Fourth, began to rule Judea. (You know the Sadaam, Osama type..not content unless he’s beheading…) iranani.gif

He wanted the Jews to adopt Greek names, and of course Greek culture.

With his army, he stormed the city of Jerusalem.

On the holy Sabbath, they tore down the city walls. The Jews wouldn’t fight back on the day of rest, thus thousands were killed.
Homes were burned to the ground. Women and children were sold as slaves.

One fine day, the king’s men set up their idol and asked an old priest named Mattathias to worship it.

Mattathias refused. (That’s right Libs…he refused.) jewish.gif

He then threw down the idol and cried out, “Whoever is for the Lord our God, follow me!” (In other words, Your’e either with us or against us!..sound familiar?)


His five sons and many other Jews followed him.

Now remember sweet friends, The Jews were farmers and shepherds, not exactly your typical warriors.

But they fought like brave soldiers under Mattathias. When Mattathias died, his son Judah became their leader.

Judah was called the Maccabee, the hammer. The people who fought with became known as the “Maccabees.”

Antiochus sent his best generals with large armies to fight the Maccabees. The armies came with bows, arrows, weilding their swords, horses, and even armored elephants. (who knew they had armored elephants.yikes)

For one battle, slave traders even came along leading empty wagons.

They had grand plans to take the beaten, frightened Maccabees and sell them as slaves as well. ( a tad presumptuous, wouldn’t ya say?)

Never happened.

In the very last battle, there were more than six of the enemy for each Maccabee. But still, the mighty army of Antiochus was beaten by the Maccabees.

The Maccabees rushed to the Holy Temple. They wished so badly to light the permanent light but found just one small jar of oil, enough to burn for only one day.


But the oil in that small jar burned and burned and kept burning. The oil that was enough for one day burned for eight days.


The stunning Holy Temple in Jerusalem was once again truly a House of God. The Jews celebrated and partied for eight days.

Judah the Maccabee declared that every year, an eight-day holiday would be celebrated. The holiday was called Hanukkah, which, in hebrew, means “dedication.” It celebrates the day the Temple was rededicated to God.

I don’t know bout y’all , but I see some eerie, striking parallels and similarities in this story.

We are fighting Evil my friends…and………..

We shall overcome.

Happy Chanukkah to one and all!

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5 Comments on “HappY (C)hanukkah!”

  1. Thanks for adding
    Faultline USA

    to your blogroll. I’ve added your blog to the Faultline USA blogroll as well. And thanks for your comments on our latest blog entry. I think you said it best in your comments “it’s quite remarkable how people can witness the same things and have such different reactions”! That’s so true. Have fun with this. Humor is usually the best medicine.

  2. dumb3ox Says:

    Thanks for the post, Angel! Christians with a providential view of history expect to see parallels like you suggest. The natural law philosophy of the original Dumb Ox suggests that causes and effects are part of the objective structure of nature, lessons built into the fabric of the world so to speak, that those with eyes to see and ears to hear can/should learn from… since few things if any really are new under the sun. But the last thing I wanna do is get serious here!

    Happy Chanukkah!

  3. waroc Says:



  4. dumb3ox Says:

    See David Kleiner’s great take on Chanukka in a comment to our Hanukka page…

  5. Angel Says:

    aw thankeez dudes! 🙂

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