War on Christmas Pic of the Day

Some traditions never go away……

The War on Christmas is here to stay!

Warring on Christmas since 1998


Or, has the “War on Christmas” been won, this year?

According to Adam at American Daily, the hedonists are hightailing it to the hills… And Wayne at New York Blade agrees on the “victory,” although with an alternative perspective…

“After getting creamed in the elections, the conservatives get this consolation prize.” [read the rest]

At least some folks think the War on the War on Christmas is still news! Brandon and Advocate1 over at Republican Free America reprint their “Brief History” of the war to urge VIGILANCE against the anti-War on Christmas warriors! But just a reprint from last year? Maybe it’s a sign…

While S.Z. at World-O-Crap pretty much sums up our blog: “[The War on Christmas] has reached the point of parody, crossed over, been reincarnated as really lame satire, and ultimately ended up as really stupid tragedy.” {read the rest}

He does cite a great new book, high up on our Christmas, Holiday, Seasonal, reading, list:

Ninth Circus!

Yikes! Not the Ninth Circus!!! (click on image to enlarge it)

It’s a real book!

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