Not much “Goodwill” in the War on Christmas

 A classic moment in the War on the War on Christmas… _______________________


O’REILLY: I bet you they wouldn’t get handcuffed in Crate & Barrel if they started chanting and stuff.”

The “chanting and stuff” is called praying you dumbass twit.Maybe you should try it sometime so you will understand the meaning of the words “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill towards All” instead on “War on Christmas” and nasty attitude towards anyone who does not agree with your loony ideas .” _____________________

WE HERE AT THE COALITION COULDN’T AGREE MORE WITH BOTH ASSESSMENTS…………Sure, O’Reilly may be a loony dumbass twit……. BUT, on the other hand calling him one probably doesn’t fit in the “Goodwill towards all” category….Heh….

 YES……..There are no non-combatants in the War on Christmas…….


On the Battlefront today:At Town Hall, Kathryn Jean Lopez observes:

Gibson writes of his experience over the last year: “Many parents contacted me and said the story of Plano, Texas, where the school board wouldn’t allow the colors red and green for the plates and cups and napkins at the kids ‘winter’ party, was actually quite common. I heard about one school where the principal went to each schoolroom before Thanksgiving and put all red and green construction paper under lock and key until after New Years. It is silly and paranoid actions like that which make people certain the war is real and not a figment of their imagination.”

BUT……The Tahlequah Daily Press reports Christmas in Oaklahoma is still going strong!:

Of course, attempts by obnoxious individuals to strip Christmas of its sacred trappings are few and far between. In Cherokee County – and most everywhere else – nativity scenes still abound, Christian music is still performed by the high school band, and stores still tout the advent (if you’ll pardon the pun) of a “Spectacular Christmas Blowout!” in sales flyers.

 Santa……..Between Rounds in the War on Christmas santa-tired.jpg

This has been a presentation of the Coalition Of the War On the (COWOWOC). We represent Dozens a gross of Bloggers who will not stand buy and let the reason for the season be lost. (UNLESS YOU WORK AT BEST BUY) If you would like to participate by crossposting articles from your own blog….be on our blogroll, or invite us to be on FOX or CNN CONTACT: Dumb Ox News OR Stikguy (from Stiknstein… Has No Mercy!) at

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5 Comments on “Not much “Goodwill” in the War on Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas – I refuse to take Christ out of Christmas. By the way, “The Nativity Story” was well done. You gotta see it. Did you hear about Chicago? A festival rejected New Line Cinema as a sponsor because they feared that non-Christians would be offended by the ads regarding The Nativity Story. Interesting, at a Christmas Festival (named Christkindlmarket) they don’t want Christ involved. Hmmm. Nice site. Adding a link to mine.

  2. War on Christmas?

    I’ve thought about it a little bit, and I can’t seem to get as worked up about the controversy this year as I did last year.

  3. dumb3ox Says:

    No doubt a very good sign, Perri!


  4. Right Truth Says:

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