Anti-Christmas Forces Attack Magic Tree’s Santa’s Sing-A-Long

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Who could hate jolly old Santa Claus and his four adorable elves singing, dancing and teaching kids about Christmas carols? Apparently – based on the often bizarre attacks a new Christmas DVD, Santa’s Sing-A-Long, has received – the same people who hate all things Christmas, the same people who are part of a remarkably organized effort to attack anything that puts Christmas in a positive light.


film9.jpgThis latest anti-Christmas target, Santa’s Sing-A-Long, is a light-hearted new DVD from start-up production company Magic Tree, Inc., which features a real-bearded, full-time Santa singing Christmas carols with four ‘elves’ dressed in colorful, original costumes.

santalogo.jpgFor instance, one film reviewer gratuitously slammed the low-cost DVD’s production values: ‘Santa’s Sing-a-Long looks like it was shot in someone’s garage. It should’ve been buried in someone’s backyard.’

Unbelievable…..of course many of the 3 to 5 year olds across the country when polled exiting their daycare centers noted:
SUSIE (age 4)…..” The lack of realistic production values really ruined the Rudolph song for me.”
AND BILLY (age 3)…..The snow…you could tell it was fake…where was Industrial Light and Magic?
LITTLE DAPHNE added… ” I heard Tarentino turned it down.”

Another film review calls this charming little production ‘one disturbing video,’ complaining pointlessly that ‘the elves are clearly just kids in costumes,’ then finding fault with the elves’ ‘neon green hair

No REAL ELVES…..? Who was casting this project?





‘I was shocked to read such anger and hostility – I just couldn’t believe it,’ Wheeler said. ‘We set out to make a warm-hearted little Christmas DVD, one that teaches kids something about the true meaning of Christmas, but we’re being attacked like we had committed a crime.’

Wheeler said he was at first baffled by these extraordinarily savage reviews, until he realized that it wasn’t his little project being slammed so unmercifully – it was Christmas itself. One important clue – these Hollywood reviewers had never before covered a DVD project aimed at young kids; but in this instance, they’d gone out of their way to attack a project that shouldn’t have even been on their radar screens.

‘Our sales have nose-dived since we’ve been attacked,’ Wheeler said, ‘all because there are a few self-appointed ‘experts’ who find it ‘disturbing’ that a DVD celebrates the core values that made America great and talks about the real meaning of Christmas. They may not share our values, but these off-the-wall attacks are ridiculous.’


A new Holiday film release getting rave reviews……….A noted film critic said…” Heart warming and cute…….I just love the baby Jesus………Finally a film that shows all of us the true meaning of Christmas”


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One Comment on “Anti-Christmas Forces Attack Magic Tree’s Santa’s Sing-A-Long”

  1. Ozymandias Says:

    Santa is a fat old slob. String him up.

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