Where’s Borat stand on the War on Christmas?

Well, we know which side Homeowners Associations are on……..the opposite side of the actual homeowners. The decorators of the houses. In the Rocky mountain News, Mike Littwin is calling the Peace symbol scandal the official most idiotic war on Christmas Story of the year………
We here at C.O.W.O.W.O.C. say it’s way too early to decide on the most idiotic story……..Remember, O’Reilly is still on vacation. Plus, we still have 26 more shopping days for the best idiot to expose their Chrismattitude for all the world scoff at.

O’Reilly, the self-styled culture warrior, seems to have won that battle, by the way. Kmart and Target and the others are all merrily Christmasing this year. Wal-Mart has announced that 60 percent of its “holiday” labels have been changed to “Christmas.” Sounds like those Chinese assembly-line workers have been busy.

Yes, according to Loma Linda HOA President Bob Kearns, the antichrist has come to Pagosa Springs, or at least one subdivision therein, in the form of a peace sign on a Christmas (holiday?) wreath. Kearns told the Durango Herald it’s “an anti-Christ sign. That’s how it got started.”

All us hippies from the 60’s really know the peace sign is derived from the pagan symbol of the inverted bic lighter with the split fingers trying to avoid burning your knuckles while trying to light your bong.


Somebody get Ken Salazar on the phone. How about James Dobson? I have just three words for Mr. Kearns: Six, six and six.

I know, it’s hilarious. If only Borat had stopped in Colorado.

So……. the first round is a toss up. The collapse of the war on Satanic Peace symbols is not a clear cut victory for the Santa Squad. The secularists can claim a part of the winnings, but remember…..The heavy hitters aren’t even out of the dressing room yet………

This has been a presentation of the Coalition
Of the War On the War On Christmas.(COWOWOC)
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